Accounting - Mobile

Simple & Easy-to-use Accounting Software

Comes with all essential features and everything you need to manage and keep track of your financial records.

Domain: Accounting/Finance

Location & Timeline: Singapore(2021), Malaysia(2022), Hong Kong(2022)

Services: UI/UX Design, Front-End & Back-End Development

Team: 1 Project Manager, 1 Team Lead, 1 UI/UX Designer, 6 Software Developers, 2 Testers

Core Technologies: Figma, Zeplin, Swift, Kotlin, Firebase, Google cloud service, Azure



The accounting mobile app was made for organisations to manage accounting work like tracking, creating and sending bills, analysing profits and more. The app also needed to be easy to use and work well on both mobile and desktop devices. With Info-Tech’s expertise in a comprehensive development cycle and knowledge of databases, the mobile app greatly helped SMEs with managing their financial matters.

Business Challenges

  • Organisations need to track their cash flow real time
  • Organisations want to track their stocks, receivable and payable in real time and take the required action immediate.
  • Organisation want to automate their accounting reconciliation by daily.

Values Delivered

  • Monitor profit & loss.
  • Monitor cashflow.
  • Track unpaid and overdue.
  • Review & Approve your transactions
  • Manage invoices, bills, quotes,etc.,

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Solutions Delivered


Manage your accounts all in one place

Clients are able to maintain their organisation’s details, tax rates and supported currencies in one place.

Central banking system

Connect, track and reconcile as you need

Connect your bank account(s) to the accounting software where you can set up a daily feed and reconcile bank statements easily and transfer money from one account to the other. You can also create, manage, track and refund payment requests here.


Manage your clients’ base with ease

We implemented a feature that allows clients to make bills and invoices unique to their customers, in terms of delivery and financial settings. For easier access, clients can also group their contacts (both customers and suppliers) based on their interactions.

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