HR Mobile App Case Study

How Info-Tech IT Services built an instinctive mobile app for organisations to manage their employees.

Domain: Human Resource

Location & Timeline: Singapore (2016), Malaysia (2018), Hong Kong (2019), Australia (2021), New Zealand (2022)

Services: UX/UI Design, Front-End & Back-End Development

Team: 1 Project Manager, 2 Team Lead, 2 UX/UI Designer, 6 Mobile Developers, 3 Testers

Core Technologies: Figma, Zeplin, Swift, Objective C, Java, Kotlin, Firebase, Google cloud service, Azure



The goal was to develop a HR software app that would be a useful tool for the organisation and its employees. Having an app would allow them to conduct any HR-related matters on the go.

Business Challenges

  • To create a centralised platform that could give both employees and employers a seamless experience on their phones when it comes to HR-related matters.
  • Platform needed to be managed via the cloud.
  • Analytics support for any errors.

Values Delivered

  • Secure app for Android and iOS.
  • All-in-one solution with a 360 HR software.
  • Key features at a glance on the dashboard.

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Solutions Delivered


Overview and understanding of data in one glance

A simple UI layout that lets you access the different features of the HR software with just a few taps.

Clock in your attendance

With GPS location and face recognition integrated

With an accurate GPS location integrated, clients are able to clock-in and out anywhere and anytime, even if they do not have access to the internet. The built-in facial recognition technology also helps to check and verify the employees’ faces.

Submit claims easily

OCR Integration to allow easy claim management

With OCR integration, our clients are able to scan documents which will then be automatically populated on the screen. With supported data formats, uploaded documents can be easily reviewed on the app or cloud.

Stay on top of payroll matters

Automate payroll calculation; Ensure regulatory compliance

Employees can view and print their payslips while employers are able to email password protected payslips to the employees. The organisation and employee’s payment information can also be automatically sent from the system to the statutory boards of Singapore Government.

Apply for leave anytime, anywhere

Paperless, convenient, fast and easy

Employees are able to apply for leave and view their leave balance with just a few taps. Likewise, supervisors are able to view and approve or reject the leaves. With mobile notifications also integrated in the system, both employees and employers can always stay updated about the leave status.

Safety, security and support

Data security brings you a peace of mind

To ensure that the app remains crash-free, we integrated Analytics and Crashlytics technologies which resulted in it being more robust. Data about your organisation that is passed over the internet is also encrypted and is stored in secured cloud connections.

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